How to Make Your Garden Grow

How to Make Your Garden Grow

5 Points to Consider When Buying Firewood

Brent Hoffman

Choosing firewood for the wood burning stove in your home is a big decision. When it comes to firewood, not all woods are equal. To help you choose the best wood for your situation, there are several ideas you need to keep in mind, such as:

1. Hardwoods Burn Longer and Hotter

As a general rule of thumb, hardwoods tend to burn longer and put off more heat than softwoods. If you are trying to heat your entire home with a single wood stove, you may need to choose a hardwood. For instance, woods like oak and beech are hardwoods.

2. Softwoods Tend to Be Cheaper

When looking for firewood, you may notice a range of prices. That's because of the different quality of the wood and how it impacts demand. If you notice that a wood is significantly cheaper, you may want to check into what type of wood it is. In many cases, softwoods tend to be less expensive, but that's because the wood doesn't burn as long or get as hot as hardwoods.

3. You May Want a Mixture

You can vary the amount of hot air coming out of your wood burning stove by using a damper or by putting more or less wood on the fire. However, you may also want to vary the temperature by using different types of wood. So that's possible, you may want to buy a mixture of different firewood.

4. The Age of the Wood Is Important

It's also critical to consider the age of the wood. Firewood that has just been cut is going to be too wet to be effective. Ideally, you want aged wood. You also want it to be split before you get it. That saves you time, but it also ensures that each piece of firewood has more surface area and that helps it to dry out more effectively so that it's ready for burning.

5. Resin Levels Are Also Important to Consider

When you are investigating different types of firewood, you may want to look at their BTU (British Thermal Units) to see how much heat they generate, and you may potentially want to talk with other people about their experiences with different types of firewood. However, you should also think about resin levels. If a particular type of firewood has a lot of resin, you will need to clean your chimney more often, as the resin will build up there.

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